En Route

Today we make our way from Brussels, Belgium to Kigali, Rwanda. We’ll stay the night there and then drive into Goma, DRC first thing in the morning. This trip marks an incredible opportunity for Bedouins to start working internationally again. It also marks my first time on a big trip as part of the Bedouins team. I’m Annie — Stephen’s wife. While in some ways I married into Bedouins, Stephen’s passion for offering media to nonprofits and ministries is much of the story behind our relationship. We met almost four years ago now, when Stephen was in Cairo doing photography and I was there doing language training and research for my dissertation in history. While I wouldn’t have guessed it at the time, our shared passion for storytelling has allowed us to work together in all sorts of complementary ways. I don’t have Stephen’s eye for images, but I relish the opportunity to put words to his photography and video as we work together to share the work other people are doing with a broader audience. As we get closer to the Congo, my hope is that I’ll have ears to hear the stories that are shared with us, and the ability to relate them in a meaningful and accurate way. Mending the Soul has worked so diligently to create partnerships with people working in one of the world’s most war-torn areas. We are privileged to get to support their work and help express their activities in a thoughtful way. Stay tuned as the story here unfolds!

- Annie

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