Mending the Soul — The Congo

Well…after a year and a half of blog silence we’re back!  I’m actually sitting in a coffee shop with one of the board members and my wife on our way to the Congo to work on our first big international project in several years!  We’re partnering up with Mending the Soul, a ministry out of Phoenix, AZ, to help tell the story of the work they’re doing to counsel those trapped in the sex trafficking industry.  We’ll be spending the next 10 days documenting their work in the Congo and the stories of the people they’re working with. We’ll use photos and video to help them spread the word about the problems the Congo is facing and the work that still needs to be done there.  Stayed tuned for blog updates as we go (internet dependent!*) with pictures and stories from the trip. As always, we appreciate your prayers and support—we’re so excited to get to share these stories with you!


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